Denver Fertilizing and Deep Root Feeding

Taking great care of your tree and applying fertilizer helps it grow to its fullest potential. Especially in the harsh Denver soil, quality fertilizer can give your tree the nutrition boost it needs to flourish!

At Bailey Tree LLC, we offer an integrated and revolving fertilizing and deep root feeding program. We apply high nitrogen and iron in the Spring and our Fall application uses Mycorrhizae, a positively symbiotic fungus that promotes nutrient uptake. All fertilizers are applied while paying close attention to the PH levels of your soil. This brings the best balance and growth conditions to your tree. Call us now for a free fertilizing estimate!

Do different types of plants in Denver need different fertilizers? What is more important is the fertilizer formulation in relation to the time of year it is being applied. Trees going into dormant season get one type of formulation, while trees going into the growing season get another kind of formulation.  We use slow release fertilizers and balanced nutrients, along with beneficial Mycorrhizal Fungi.

Are fertilizers dangerous to wildlife or the environment?
No, not in our line of work or for the purposes we perform the service.

Is the fertilizer going to smell bad, and for how long?
Actually, no. There is no bad smell with the products we use.

What’s the best time of year to fertilize in Denver?
Springtime and Fall.

How often do I need to fertilize?
Two times is optimal – once in Spring and once in Fall.

What’s the cost of fertilizing?
Most of the cost for Fertilizing is just getting the truck and service crew to your location ($80-$100 depending on location), after that it’s typically $10-$20 per tree per application.