Winter Watering Service in Denver

Bailey Tree LLC Winter Watering ProgramDenver and the Front Range is a semi-arid desert climate. This can put extra strain on the plant life here in the Metro area. Providing water to the roots of your trees helps them remain hydrated.

At Bailey Tree LLC, we offer a specialized watering program for the dry winter months. Conifers, Oaks, Maples, and many other trees are susceptible to drought stress during this season.  We provide a comprehensive program to monitor and treat your trees.

The winter watering program includes injection of water down to the roots where it is accessible to the tree instead of being stuck on top of the frozen ground. Subterranean water can greatly boost the health of your tree and relieve some of the stress the tree endures through the winter. Call us for your free estimate today!


Why should I water my plants in the winter?

Root systems and their symbiotic fungal colonies remain actively growing over the winter and still require water.

Do some plants need winter watering more than others?
Yes, Coniferous trees are more active in winter months than deciduous trees and do require winter watering more often or at higher rates.  Trees in parking lot areas also require more wintertime watering.

Can plants absorb water from the snow?
Yes, but typically the snow in our high plains desert sublimates before it melts into the ground.  Our deep root watering methods gets the water directly to the root systems and avoids evaporation concerns.

Will my plants die if I don’t water in the winter?
It depends on the species of tree you have, and how long it’s been since it received a proper watering.

What’s the cost of winter watering?
Most of the cost for winter watering is just getting the truck and service crew to your location ($80-$100 depending on location), after that it’s typically $5-$10 per tree per application.

Do I need special equipment for winter watering in Denver?
The best way to do it is by using a high-pressure water pump and a ground penetrating spike that delivers the water about 5-8 inches underground at around 150-250 lbs of pressure.  This is exactly what we are setup for.