The Bailey Brothers

Robert Bailey - Owner and Operator

ISA Certified Arborist 

Since 1995 RM 0603A

D.I.T.S. Graduate

Steven Bailey - Owner and Operator

B.S. in Biology From SUNY Oswego in 1999

Licensed with the Department of Agriculture 

Since 2013

Meet the Bailey Brothers

Robert Bailey

Robert Bailey has worked for 30+ years in the Denver tree industry, working on every species of tree in Colorado and tackling every challenging project you can imagine. Prior to owning Bailey Tree, Robert built his expansive knowledge by working for each of the major tree companies in Denver. Eager to rise to the top of his profession, Robert was inspired to pursue and obtain the ISA Certification in 1996, a rarity in the industry. Today, he’s the most respected tree service professional in the state of Colorado, where he’s known for taking pride in his safety and tenacious work ethic.

Robert really love his dogs – and fishing! He challenges you to catch a bigger fish within 500 miles. This one is 45 inches long and 42 pounds!

Steven Bailey

Steven Bailey earned his Bachelors degree in biology from SUNY Oswego in 1999. He worked in science and research until 2011, at which point he and Robert began discussions that would eventually lead to the founding of Bailey Tree. Knowing that Robert was an expert tree service professional with a strong reputation, Steven brought his knowledge of biology, communication, computers, websites, and business to join forces with his brother to create the expert tree service company that is Bailey Tree today.

Steven and his wife Suzi have two children, Ryan and Katie, as well as two ridiculous dogs named Oscar and Paco. They hope you hire Bailey Tree so he can keep feeding them doggie treats! Notice Paco’s happy tail blur…


Thank You!

Thank you for visiting us and considering us. We’re family, and we treat our customers like family too. We will always work more efficiently, more safely, and with greater care than any other tree service professionals in Denver. We will always be honest and ethical, and we look forward to providing this level of service to you personally. We hope to hear from you soon.

We say thank you! Sincerely, Steven (left) and Robert (right)


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