Stump Grinding and Stump Removal

To remove a stump correctly requires knowledge and experience to achieve a desirable result. You’ll be happy to know that we’re college educated, have multiple ISA certifications, and maintain a board-certified master arborist on staff – rarities in the industry! We are also fully licensed and fully insured to protect your property. Call us today to start your free stump grinding estimate.

Stump Grinding by Bailey Tree

What’s the difference between stump grinding and stump removal?
When an arborist says “stump removal”, they are typically referring to the complete removal of a stump by digging around it, then pulling it out with heavy machinery. (We do not offer this service, and it’s unnecessary in most cases). However, “stump grinding” is much more common. Stump grinding involves the use of machinery to grind down a stump below the surrounding surface grade. The standard grinding depths are typically 6″ to 8″, but we can certainly go lower if there is a need or a requirement to do so. The maximum depth we can achieve is 16 inches below ground when using our largest stump grinder.

Is there a hole in my yard after removing a stump?
Yes – stump grinding always leaves a hole in your yard. However, we can fill in the hole with the excess grindings and leave a slight mound so it can eventually settle to level with the surrounding area.  Also, you can choose to keep and use the excess stump grindings or we can haul them away for you.

Is the entire stump removed when grinding?
It depends on the size of the stump. For example a 3-foot diameter stump may be too deep to completely remove using grinding, while an 8-inch stump is no problem.

Are certain types of stumps more difficult than others to remove?
The species of the tree stump is mostly irrelevant to the difficulty. The biggest challenges with stump grinding are the location of the stump, and how easily we can access it with our equipment.

What type of machine is used when grinding a stump?
A stump grinding machine. 😉  See attached pictures, they come in various sizes and maneuverability. We have three of them!

How is the price of stump grinding calculated? 
Many factors are considered when evaluating the cost of stump grinding, including but not limited to: size, species, location, ease of access, type of machine needed, and whether or not the grindings are being hauled away. Based on these parameters stump grinding costs can vary quite a bit, which is exactly why we’ll come to your property for a free estimate.

Stump grinding machine

What will my lawn look like after stump grinding?
It depends on your lawn, the time of year, and how much caution you wish to use. In dryer or colder months the machines may not leave marks in your yard other than the missing stumps and small mound of grindings.  In wetter months the machine could leave ruts or disturbances along its travel path toward the stump. If this is a concern we can lay down a plywood pathway to access the stump or perform the grinding at a time when the ground is not soft.  Of course the extra work/effort comes with additional cost so some people prefer not to have the extra costs involved with protecting their lawn while others may opt to wait till dryer/colder months.

Note: All Denver stump removal projects are unique. Tree species, health, location, access, and potential hazards are just some of the things that need to be considered.  These things need to be assessed in person and by a professional.  Please request a free proposal from one of our tree service experts!