Fire Blight Treatment in Denver

Fire Blight Treatment by Bailey Tree LLCFire blight is a bacteria that attacks your fruit trees. It can gain access to your tree if any damage or trimming takes place in the summer months when the bacteria is active. Once infected a tree can look crispy, with brown patches in the leave that looks like it has been burned. The good news is that Fire Blight can be treated!

At Bailey Tree LLC, we provide a three stage program for Fire Blight infected trees. First, we trim only in the winter months as to not encourage the spread of the bacteria. Second, we offer an anti-bacterial agent that causes the bacteria to not reproduce. Third, we provide a support for any relapse.

With proper care your fruit trees can be back to looking and feeling their best soon! Call us to help treat your trees!

What is fire blight?
It is a common bacterial disease spread by bees when the bark is damaged during the growing season.

Does fire blight occur naturally?
Yes – fire blight occurs naturally in Denver and in fruit trees across the world.

Is fire blight dangerous to animals?
No – fire blight is not known to cause issues or illnesses for animals.

Does fire blight go away on its own?
Weather and other environmental factors can have a positive effect on limiting Fire Blight. But if a tree has it, it will generally last the whole growing season and possibly into the next growing season especially if the infected parts are not cut out or if the tree is not treated.

How can I prevent fire blight?
Don’t make wounds on the tree during the growing season, (Spring – Fall)

What’s the cost of fire blight treatment?
Around $10 per diameter inch, of the trunk of the tree, for the anti-bacterial treatment, and $10 per diameter inch for a growth regulator product.