Fruit Tree Care in Denver

Fruit Tree Care by Bailey Tree LLCFruit trees are beautiful and can yield a tasty harvest, but they also require special care. Whether your tree is an apple, pear, peach or is ornamental and bares no fruit at all, each tree needs to be treated for its individual biology if it is going to have the best and most productive life.

To keep you fruit trees happy and healthy they should be pruned and trimmed properly and in the correct seasons. Appropriate attention can help prevent the intrusion of disease and pests such as fire blight.

If diseases or pests are plaguing your fruit tree, Bailey Tree LLC is also able to provide treatment and assist your tree in getting back all of its glory. Call us for a free estimate!

Why do fruit trees in Denver need special care?
They are susceptible to Fire Blight, a common bacterial disease spread by mainly insects during the growing season.

What types of fruit trees require the most attention and least attention?
Fruit trees in the Rose Family, ie Apples, Crab Apples, Pears, Mountain Ash are more susceptible to Fire Blight.

What’s the cost of fruit tree care?
Costs vary depending on what’s needed, an antibacterial treatment could be as low as $80 and pruning costs would vary depending on size of the tree and complexity to prune based on where it is located.

Do fruit trees attract insects in Denver?
Yes, the sugar rich juices in the tree are especially attractive to insects.

What types of fruit trees are able to grow in Denver?
Any type of fruit tree can grow in Denver except for the tropical and subtropical species (things like citrus, banana, kiwi, etc). Common fruit trees in Denver include apple cherry, peach, pear, and plum.

Any tips for growing the biggest and best fruit?
Give your fruit trees plenty of water and pray for no late freezes after the flowers have formed.  Thinning out some of the fruit can increase the size of the remaining fruits.